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Counselling with empathy and warmth, without judgment

I am a humanistic integrative counsellor. I trained in counselling at the Instituto Galene in Madrid, Spain. A counsellor is a type of therapist who accompanies people who need help managing difficult situations in their lives.


Therapy given out of love

Humanistic integrative counsellors work from unconditional love and we accompany people without judgment so that they can carry on with their lives independently and securely. The therapy process lasts as long as the person wants, according to their needs.

We ‘integrate’ several techniques from different models of psychotherapy in order to accompany our clients. We don’t always use all of them, nor is there a specific order in which we use them. They are employed according to the needs of each client. 

Humanistic Integrative Counselling Techniques

Talking therapy

Using empathy, respect, and a unconditional, positive regard for the client.

Working with the body

Our emotions leave their mark on our bodies so we often have to get into contact with our emotions so we are able to express them.

Working with our emotions

Including: breathing, meditation, guided visualisations, creative activities.

Outdoor therapy

I incorporate the option of open air sessions in green spaces in my therapy for people who want to work outdoors. They can be combined with online sessions, or all sessions can be done outdoors. I offer this option because nature and movement have a liberating effect on people which helps them to express themselves and to open themselves up.

Online therapy

I offer online sessions to give people more flexibility, and because it became an acceptable means of providing sessions during the pandemic. There are people who cannot get to a green space or to a consulting room. Some people cannot get around easily, others don’t have time, while others prefer communicating online. You can create your own safe and familiar space to do your sessions in a place you choose. And, of course, you can combine online sessions with outdoor sessions.

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Free preliminary 30 minute session