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Walk breathing through your nose

  • The German philosopher, Kant, walked every morning at 05:00 and developed a way to walk breathing through his nose 250 years before scientists discovered its benefits, and what better way to do it than walking.
  • When breathing through the nose, processes occur that filter airborne pathogens, allergens and other undesirable things. The nasal cavities produce nitrogen oxide which increases blood flow through the lungs, amplifying the amount of oxygen in the blood. By breathing through the mouth, we bypass this filter and deprive the cells of the additional oxygen that breathing through the nose offers.
  • In the lungs, nitrogen oxide blocks respiratory infections and stimulates the flow of oxygen through the body. It helps prevent high blood pressure and blood clots and pushes blood to vital tissues and organs. It maintains immunity by keeping the nervous system healthy and slowing down the cellular ageing process.
  • Speculation during Covid and the SARS outbreak that inhaling nitrogen oxide through the nose can slow the spread of viruses in the lungs has been confirmed. People who breathe through their mouths are more likely to suffer from heart disease, fatigue, inflammation, headaches, stress, halitosis or tooth decay.
  • Another study shows that breathing through the nose improves overall health and fitness. We tend to breathe more slowly through our nose, which gives oxygen more time to enter the bloodstream, and helps activate the parts of the nervous system that support recovery. It reduces high blood pressure, helps with sleep, facilitates digestion and builds bone. Combining breathing through the nose and movement improves endurance and reduces subsequent fatigue.
  • How is it done? As you walk, close your mouth and relax your jaw, tongue, and face. Inhale slowly through your nose and exhale through your nose or mouth. Lengthen your neck and open your chest and shoulders to perfect the technique. It’s harder the faster you walk. The ideal breathing rate is slow and deep, inhaling for 5.5 seconds and then exhaling for 5.5 seconds, which is 5.5 breaths per minute.
  • Recommendations:

a). Humming while walking produces 15 times more nitrogen oxide.

b). Enjoy all the smells and aromas even more as you walk and breathe through your nose.

Source: 52 Ways to Walk: Annabel Streets – Bloomsbury Publishing