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Love yourself first

Jo Steel

The types of sessions I offer


Individual sessions

I will accompany you in areas and situations in life which you want to change, be that in online sessions or face to face in outdoor sessions. I offer a supportive, non-judgmental environment which will give you the space and time you need to be able to gain insight into your situation and understand it better. You will learn to find your own answers and tools to help you move ahead. This process can promote personal growth and lead to positive change in your life.

Some areas and situations that I work with are:

Important changes in our lives (work, bereavement, divorce, etc.): we all go through difficult times, and doing it in company can make it that much easier to cope with.

Anxiety and stress: they come out in us in different ways and can affect anyone at any time; we can work together to make them more manageable.

Trauma (abuse, accidents, bullying, etc.): the effects manifest themselves differently in each person and can affect our daily lives, and our relationships with family, friends and work colleagues.

Depression: sharing your sadness with someone else is a healthy way to deal with it.

Other areas or situations for which you may need someone to listen to you: eating difficulties, self-esteem, loneliness, amongst others.