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Recommended reading

On this page I’d like to share with you some reading I do during my own professional development which I feel would be useful for you. Please contact me if you want to chat about any of the content.

Hope it’s useful and enjoy reading!


04/03/24 In this article in the Guardian, we learn how just a quick walk can increase our creativity.

25/02/24 In this article in the Guardian, we can read about the benefits of children spending a lot of time outdoors in Denmark for all areas of their wellbeing.

17/01/24 In this article in the Guardian, a man explains how he learned to use a daily walk as his own form of therapy.

12/01/24 This book from 2020 by the psychiatrist Sue Stuart-Smith at Amazon, ‘The Well Gardened Mind’, tells us about how being in nature can radically transform our health, wellbeing and confidence.

10/01/24 Here, Tom Backhouse, explains in the Guardian, how he learned to heal from a traumatic event in his life by seeking out more solitary time in nature.

31/12/23 Psychotherapist, Andrew Keefe, tells us in this article in the Guardian, how exercise convinced him to become a personal trainer.

27/11/23 This article in the Guardian about how the new field of environmental neuroscience can show us that time in nature is necessary and transforms our memory, imagination and logic.

02/10/23 Here we can read about how shouting at your child can harm them, as the words seem, to them, as harmful as physical abuse, and can sow the seeds for long-term issues such as self-harm or anxiety. The Guardian

27/09/23 In this article in the Guardian, we learn how participating in nature in Norway, or ‘friluftsliv’, gives us a deep sense of de-stressing in nature and sharing in a common culture.

23/08/23 In this article in the Guardian, we learn how stimulating the Vagus Nerve, or ‘electrical super highway’, can transform our physical and mental health.

14/08/23 This article in the Guardian suggests 4 ways to bolster the psychological immune system for a happier and calmer life.

17/07/23 This article in the Guardian tells us about how a chef re-learned how to bake after forgetting how to do it due to trauma.

05/07/23 In this article in the Guardian, William Searle talks about how nature helped him to deal with grief after losing his daughter. I also use nature in my sessions to help accompany people through their grief.

27/06/23 ‘The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read (and Your Children Will Be Glad That You Did)’ by the psychotherapist Phillipa Perry can be found here on Amazon. This book helps us to understand that if we have a healthier relationship with our children, they can develop better relationships with other people, and that there exist ways to repair relationships with others. How positive is that!

07/05/23 This woman tells us in a Guardian article about her experience of how walking helps her with her health and well-being. I agree, which is why I offer walk and talk therapy in the great outdoors! Let’s all get outside!

04/05/23 Here the Guardian gives us an article on how exercise can boost a molecule which can improve our mood. What a great reason to get going and get moving!

17/04/23 This article in the Guardian talks about how combining walking or running with therapy can help people in their healing process. I have tried it as a client and as a therapist, and it works for me.

12/04/23 In this article in the Guardian about Gabor Mate’s book, ‘The Myth of Normal’, we see his focus on the mind-body connection and how it relates to his work on trauma. In my sessions I include work with the body and the mind if it benefits the person involved.

15/03/23 In this article in the Guardian, they talk about how yoga helped a woman deal with the terrible experience of being raped. The body-mind connection through yoga is examined and shown to have been part of what helped her in her recovery.

02/03/23 This article in the Guardian talks about the benefits of exercise for our mental health. Have a read and think about what it could do for you. I always advocate exercise, obviously, but in some cases combining it with counselling can make all the difference.

01/03/23 Here are some great tips from the Inner Peace Fellowship with basic guidelines on learning how to meditate.

17/01/23 This article from the Guardian explains how research has found that being in green spaces can reduce the need for prescribed medications for some mental health and physical conditions.

12/09/22 This Guardian article talks about how experts are looking more and more at the body-mind connection in physical and mental treatments.

02/09/22 In this article from the Guardian, they talk about the benefits of being in the woods on mental health and general wellbeing.

25/09/20 This article from the Welldoing website talks about how walk and talk therapy works.

2020 This text from the Open University talks about the benefits of walk and talk therapy, especially, post-Covid.