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Frequently asked questions

  1. When are sessions available?

Weekly sessions with each client last 50 minutes. I offer them in the mornings and afternoons at the following times:

MORNINGS:       09:00  10:30  12:00

AFTERNOONS:  16:00  17:30

  1. How long do the sessions last?

The weekly sessions last 50 minutes.

  1. Why is there a free preliminary session?

This session is for me, as the therapist, to explain my way of working and the benefits of the therapy process. It also allows you, as the client, to find out if you want to work with me, and for you to ask questions about your doubts or concerns.

  1. What type of therapy is it?

I use the Integrative Humanist model. It is talking therapy focused on human warmth, active listening, empathy, an unconditional positive regard and all without judgment.

  1. What is the difference between psychotherapy, counselling and coaching?

In psychotherapy, a person has a therapeutic relationship with the therapist but there is also a focus on the root of the type of personality the person has and the possibility of changing their personality if necessary. In counselling, the therapist also has that same therapeutic relationship with a person to accompany them as they deal with issues in their life without focusing on their personality. Coaching does not work on a client’s emotional issues but has clear objectives from the beginning relating to more practical issues in life.

  1. Why are sessions offered online and outdoors?

There are people who do not have time to travel to sessions or who have difficulty leaving the house. Other people benefit from being outdoors because it either helps them express themselves in nature, or they are more in touch with their body and movement, or they may even feel more connected to their spirituality.

  1. How much do the sessions cost?

The first preliminary session is free. Subsequent sessions cost €55 or I offer 4 consecutive sessions for 200€.

  1. What kind of work is done in online therapy?

In addition to talking therapy and the support of a therapeutic relationship, we can do work with the body, with emotions and also creative work, according to your needs as a client.

  1. What work is done in outdoor therapy?

Almost everything that is done in online therapy can also be done in outdoor therapy. In addition, activities which make use of nature can be combined with talking therapy, for example, creating metaphors to express ourselves by using objects found in nature (such as twigs, stones, and leaves), or simply using the weather or the seasons to help us understand our situation better.

  1. How long does the therapy last?

The talking therapy process lasts as long as you, the client, needs it. It can last a few weeks, a few months or even a few years, depending on your needs.