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Hand on heart

– releases oxytocin, promotes self-compassion and self-soothing

Hand on heart, promotes self-compassion and self-soothing, simply by placing the hand over the heart, you get in touch with a sense of peace and safety and trust. And this very act of placing your hand on your heart releases oxytocin, which is the antidote to cortisol. 

Next take some long blinks or close your eyes. 

Stay in touch with your breath, and the sense of peace, safety and trust. Bring into your mind’s eye a place where you feel really safe and warm. Somewhere where you feel content, where you can relax, and just notice where you are in your mind. 

Now notice what you can see in this place here and now. Notice when you’re in this place of safety, how your body moves, and how your breath moves. 

As you come back in touch with your hand on your heart, just have a sense of how your body is feeling right now. 

If your hand could speak to your heart, what would it say? 

Also notice how it feels on the inside of your body with your hand over your heart, the sensations and temperature. 

If there were a meaning about yourself right now, what would that meaning be? Think of an «I» statement, maybe an «I am…». 

Try to embody whether this feels resourceful for you. Repeat it a few times as you breathe into your hand, and gently release your hand down to your lap. 

Keep a sense of your hand still on your heart and repeat your statement again. 

Finally, compare how you feel now to how you felt before you lowered your hand. How do they contrast? Maybe they feel the same.

You can remember and use this feeling of safety when you are feeling anxious