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Face tapping and eye softening

– to notice your body and pay attention to it

The fight response is all in the jaw. If we have an expectation that we might need to confront somebody, we might naturally go into fight mode. Similarly, if we’re worried about something, we hold it all in our jaw.

First, bring your hands up to your face and tap gently around your jaw. Do some little taps, raindrop taps, then do them all over your face. This helps to stimulate the vagus nerve, which helps us to engage in a situation and take in what another person’s saying. 

Also, when we’re in our fight mode, our eyes often sharpen up and become quite tense. 

So, you can soften your eyes and take some nice, long blinks, which again, helps to engage the vagus nerve. Notice your breath as you do this, and notice your body.